Skill Training Programmes

Because Learning & Skills are Forever

Skill Training Programmes are practical technology training programmes designed for budding engineering (BTech Training) or computer undergraduates/graduates from the streams of Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technologies, Instrumentation or Masters of Computer Applications.

Being a part of industry and working on industrial products and projects, we realize the importance of practical knowledge and this forms the crux of our training programmes. We are offering 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 6 months certified industrial training with emphasis on practical exposure and latest technologies.

Both Electronics and Computer Science students will benefit from our training courses which are offered as Summer Training (June - August) & Winter Training (January - February) programmes. We also provide Corporate training, seminars or workshops at campus, companies in the following technologies. For our previous experience, kindly contact us.

Technology Courses offered :

Electronics (Embedded Systems) : Download course details by clicking on the course. 
1) Arduino (Level I - 6 Weeks) : Summer Registrations Open Now.
2) Arduino with Proteus Simulation (Level II - 7 Weeks) : Summer Registrations Open Now.
3) Internet of Things (IoT) on Arduino (7 Weeks) : Summer Registrations Open Now.
4) Internet of Things (IoT) on Raspberry Pi (4 Weeks) : Summer Registrations Open Now.

Computer Science/I.T. 
1) Android App Development (4/6 Weeks) : Summer Registrations Open Now.
2) Java SE (Core Java) : Summer Registrations Open Now.
3) Complete Android App Development (8 Weeks) : Summer Registrations Open Now.
4) P.H.P. & MySQL (Website Development) : Summer Registrations Open Now.

Training Methodology :

* Hands on approach to training with appropriate exposure to theory sessions.
* Appropriate no. of practicals & doubt solving sessions.
* During the training, every trainee would work on a complete project alone or in a team related to technology and would be guided sufficiently.

After the training the Trainee should be able to :

* Understand about the technology and use the learning experience in the real world situation to implement other live & commercial projects.

B.M.E.S. would issue the following to every trainee :

* Certificate of completion of training with project.

NOTE : The trainee may also get a chance to work on commercial /industrial projects if we consider him/her to be ready for a challenge and would be compensated appropriately.