DIY Powerbank for Robots/Projects

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Hello Friends!

So finally we got some free time for sharing our work and in this blog, we’ll be making a 12V Power bank which can be used to power robots, electronic circuits and can be easily made using few modules and a battery. 

In electronics, whatever you project you make, you’ll be requiring a power source. Normally most of the circuits require 5V or 3.3V DC and this can be obtained by making a cheap 7805 based voltage regulator circuit with a 9V/12V battery. This is quite cheap and easy to build but since the battery is non rechargeable, it gets discharged very soon and it becomes highly unreliable. Here we come up with a solution to address this problem of hobbyists/students.

We use a 3.7V Li Ion cell and using a MT3608 DC-DC boost converter boost it upto 12V (you can boost to 5V also); also we are using a Li Ion battery charger TP4056 which charges the battery safely. Always keep in mind that charging of Li Ion batteries should be done using a reliable charging circuit and never directly using a direct DC source.

Now we get 12V DC from a single 3.7V Li Ion cell which can be easily charged using a 5V mobile charger. So basically we have a 12V powerbank which we can use for powering our robots or projects.

Download the circuit diagram from here.

In case you need an assembled circuit : Buy here

Components Required : 

  1. 1 x MT3608 DC-DC Boost Converter (Buy here)
  2. 1 x TP4056 Micro USB Battery Charger Module (Buy here)
  3. 1 x 18650 3.7V Li Ion Cell
  4. 1 x 2 Pin PCB Mount Terminal Block (Buy here)
  5. 1 x GPCB (Buy here)
  6. 1 x Led + Resistor (Buy here)
  7. 1 x DC Male Jack With Snapper (Buy here)
  8. 1 x On Off Switch (Buy here
  9. 1 x Soldering Kit (Buy here)   – OPTIONAL

In case of any questions or queries, feel free to post below.
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