Top 10 Minor Projects for ECE/EEE Students

After having worked on more than 3000+ Minor and Major Projects, our team is now well experienced to suggest Top 10 Minor Projects for Engineering students of different streams like ECE/EEE/ICE. Have a look at the following Top 10 list of Minor projects, carefully handpicked for you.

Most of the projects are Arduino based projects and few are based on 8051/AVR/PIC Microcontrollers.

1) Arduino Digital Password Lock

BriefThis project demonstrates the concept of password based lock where a user can unlock a door by entering the correct password. A wrong password generates a buzzer alert. You can add a motor instead of relay and show the concept of gate or add a solenoid lock after the relay.

Also, you can modify the code to add SMS alerts when wrong password is entered and can also lock the system for some time if wrong password is entered more than 3 times.  

Get the Codes and Schematic diagram.

2) Bidirectional Visitor Counter using Arduino

Brief : One of the best Top 10 Minor Project which shows the concept of bidirectional visitor counter. Bidirectional Visitor counters are most commonly used at Mall, stadium or event entrances to count the footfall of the people entering or exiting the place.

It can also be used for automation by controlling the appliances on the basis of no. of people entering/exiting a location. 

Get the Codes and Schematic diagram.


3) Voice Controlled Digital Notice Board

Brief : Ever wondered about a Digital Notice Board which is controlled by voice input? Yes, in this project idea, we update the contents of a notice board using voice input from an Android. So sit back and relax and forget about printing notices when you can change the content using your voice input. 

Get the Codes and Schematic diagram

4) Radar using Arduino and Processing

BriefAnother great idea for Top 10 Minor Projects in which we make a Radar based System using Arduino. This project uses an Ultrasonic sensor which is used to sense the distance between the project and any obstacle. 

Processing software is used to make a GUI based application on which a radar type display is shown as below. 

Get the Codes and Schematic diagram

5) Arduino Based Clap Switch

BriefDo you wish to control your room light via a clap action ? Check this simple project where you can operate a relay using a clap/sound input. The action is alternate ON/OFF so you can control it as per your need.  

Get the Codes and Schematic diagram

6) Arduino Car Parking Management System

Brief : Car Parking Management system is a very nice concept of demonstrating automatic car parking system where you can operate gates using sensors, park and indicate parking spaces and also control the entry/exit process without requirement of man power.

This project has a great feature to stop the entry once the parking is fully occupied.   

Get the Codes and Schematic diagram

7) Arduino RFID based Door Lock

Brief : RFID based door lock allows you to secure a location by providing access to only those who have the authorized RFID tags. We use RC522 RFID Reader and tags provided along it are programmed for the demo purpose. One of the tag allows user to unlock a solenoid based lock and the other is not granted access. There is a buzzer alert for incorrect tag placed on the reader. A very useful concept for minor project for electronics students.

Get the Codes and Schematic diagram

8) Arduino TV Remote Controlled Automation System

ir home automation system

Brief : Ever thought of using your TV remote to control home appliances or as a wireless device controller? If yes, this project does the same and also shows the status on a 16×2 LCD Display. 
You can control minimum 4 appliances via a TV IR Remote and check the current status on the LCD screen. Modify the project to all more devices, add memory retaining, other features too.

Get the complete project with codes and schematic diagram

9) Solar Street Light Controller System

Brief : Another new idea showing the concept of energy saving by changing the intensity of street lights using PWM, sensors and concept of solar based charging using solar panels.

Get the complete project with circuit and code


10) Overspeed Detection & Automatic Speed Breaker Control

Brief : This system will check your vehicle’s speed and dynamically introduce a speed breaker if the speed is more than a set limit.

Get the complete project with circuit and code


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