Top 5 Li-Fi Projects for Engineering Students

Li-Fi or LiFi Projects are the most innovative and sought after projects right now. This is because the technology is new and just the thought about blazing high speed and utility of this technology is amazing.

LiFi is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission. LiFi is designed to use LED light bulbs similar to those currently in use in many energy-conscious homes and offices. 

Just to sum up the technology, check the following image : 

li-fi projects concept

We have been working on Li-Fi over the last 3 years and have developed some interesting practical applications for project purpose. In case you wish to make a Li-Fi Project yourself, please follow this tutorial.

We present the list of our best projects below : 

1) Basic Li-Fi Communication using Keyboard

Brief: The idea of this project is to showcase basic Li-Fi communication by transmitting characters/alphabets/numbers from a keyboard to the receiver end. The data which is transmitted is displayed on the LCD screen. 

Get the Working project with codes and schematic diagram.

2) PC to PC Communication System using Li-Fi

Brief: In this project idea, we transmit data from one PC to another PC using Light as the medium. We use Serial terminal software for sending as well as receiving data.

Get the Working project with codes and schematic diagram.

3) Highway Navigation using Li-Fi

Brief: A very interesting application of Li-Fi in which we demonstrate how street lights can be used to navigate vehicles during night. Here each street light can be used as a location marker and can send specific information to the receiver on the car about the nearby locations.  

Get the Working project with codes and schematic diagram.

4) Image Transmission using Li-Fi (Best Li-Fi Projects)

Brief: The most complicated concept of Li-Fi based projects where we transmit an entire image from one system to a Graphic LCD screen. The size of the image is 128*64 to be displayed on a similar LCD. 

Get the Working project with codes and schematic diagram.

5) Vehicle to Vehicle Communication using Li-Fi (Latest Li-Fi Project)

Brief: The most recent LiFi project which we have developed in which we transmit information from one vehicle to another using the headlights. The message is received by the vehicle in front through a light sensor embedded in it’s backside. Check out the video now!  

Get the Working project with codes and schematic diagram.

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  1. Geetanjali says:

    Fantastic and very informative video.. was able to complete my project in 2 hours. Mr. Mandeesh Singh was very kind in also helping us over the call when we had queries.

  2. Pavana says:

    In PC to PC communication, is it possible to increase the distance of transmission and reception?
    And i want image and music to be transmitted from one PC to other over some 4 meters. Is it possible if i purchase your hardware? Please help me out. I’m Mtech student.

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