Top Major Project Ideas for ECE/EEE Students

Best Major Project Ideas for ECE/EEE Students

Major Project for ECE/EEE are required by final year engineering students to complete their engineering and they carry a substantial weight-age in the final exams. In fact, every engineering student must complete their project work to get their degree certificate. They have several options in choosing their project.

For the benefit of all, a list of Final Year Major Projects for ECE/EEE students in various categories are listed below. ECE/EEE project ideas for electronics engineering students mainly involve in various categories like embedded, communication, solar, general electronics, power systems ,etc.

More ideas in the project list below :

1) Major Btech Project Ideas 1 for ECE/EEE
2) Major Btech Project Ideas 2 for ECE/EEE
2) Major Btech Project Ideas 3 for ECE/EEE

1) Image Transmission Using Li-Fi

Brief: Ever heard of transmitting a complete image via light?? The main idea of this project is to transmit an Image using visible light or Li-Fi technology. LiFi surely is an exciting technology and a lot of research is going in this field so this is the best time to develop a project on this.

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2) Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Using Li-Fi

Brief: One of the best Major Project for ece/eee students which we have developed using LiFi which can allow vehicles to communicate with each other using the technology of LiFi or via visible light.Messages can be customized as per requirements. LiFi surely is an exciting technology and a lot of research is going in this field so this is the best time to develop a project on this.

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3) Highway Navigation System Using Li-Fi

Brief: Using LiFi to transmit information like location or local map data for navigation at night outside or inside in large offices, etc. Locations can be customized as per requirement.

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4) Smart Medicine Box for Old Aged People

Brief: Another unique idea demonstrating the concept of a smart reminder system for aged people which reminds them which medicine is to be taken at a particular time. First reminder is a audio message with LED blinking followed by a SMS as a secondary reminder.

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5) Smart Shopping Trolley / Intelligent Shopping Cart

Brief: A brilliant concept which can be used in retail and grocery shops to save time of shoppers by letting users create their own list whenever they shop using a digital shopping cart and then directly pay to the counter and leave.

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6) RFID eChallan System

Brief: Another practical application which senses a red light traffic violation using RFID technology and alerts the offender in real time regarding the offense using a text message.

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7) Zigbee Touchscreen Menu Ordering System

Brief: This project idea is based on the concept of Smart restaurant where the user can directly order from his table to the kitchen and doesn’t need the mediation of waiter.

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8) IoT Notice Board using Raspberry Pi

Brief: A very cool concept of changing a notice via Internet using Raspberry Pi and IoT. Upload an image, change text and its parameters from anywhere in the world via a Website or an App.

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9) Underground Cable Fault Detection System

Brief: The objective of this project is to determine the distance of underground cable fault from base station in kilometers. The underground cable system is a common practice followed in many urban areas.

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10) Magic Mirror with Google Home using Raspberry Pi 3

Brief: Check out the demo of our Magic Mirror with Google Home which responds to your voice commands. Get more ideas on how it works and how the final setup looks like by checking this link.

11) IoT Car Parking System

Brief: Now book your parking slots from anywhere and navigate to the nearest parking available. The project consists of an Android app which is reading and writing data to an online server. The user can book his slot from anywhere and his slot will be reserved in the system. More features can be added as per requirement.

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12) IoT Pollution Monitoring System

Brief: Worried about Increasing Pollution Levels in your city? Check this pollution monitoring system which will help you to check the levels of different pollutants in air and you can monitor it from anywhere from the world.

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13) Power Theft Detection, Alert and Cutoff System with SMS using GSM Modem

Brief: A very powerful concept of detecting household electricity thefts and reporting it via SMS. One of the most discussed Major project for ece/eee branch with very practical application where we use 2 electrical meters, measure the difference in units consumed and check about theft case.

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14) IoT Smart Dustbin

Brief: A very interesting application of Internet of Things where we add sensors to a normal dustbin and update the garbage level to an IoT Server and send SMS in case the dustbin is full.

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15) Biometric IoT Voting Machine/Attendance System

Brief: One of the latest IoT project ideas where we mark attendance and update on IoT based App in realtime. A fingerprint sensor is used for authentication and prevents unauthorized or proxy attendance. More features can be added as per requirement.

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16) IoT Smart Street Light System

Brief: One of the best ideas using IoT or Internet of things with a brilliant application of controlling the intensity of street lights as per traffic, identifying damaged street lights and remote control of street lights.

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