To build Great Products, provide Excellent Services and improve the quality of Engineering Skills in the workforce joining the industry.


Client Driven : We focus on client relationships that build trust, confidence and loyalty.
Character : We are a truth based business that requires us to have a high level of integrity in everything we do.
Team Work : We believe in our team and a team oriented approach delivers the best results for our clients, company and business partners.
Excellence : We strive to be the best.


We intend to provide our clients with products, solutions & services which make their life easy, better and more comfortable. We also believe in constantly innovating and improving with each passing day in every aspect of our work.

meet the team

bishan preet singh bmes

Bishan Preet Singh

Technical Spearhead of our company who is passionately involved
in Core R&D, Programming and Product Development. He loves to build
things and is always eager to learn new things and innovate. 

Mandeesh Singh

Our Techno-Manager who loves technology, meeting new people, building new contacts,
looking for new and better opportunities. He is also involved in programming and assisting in projects 
and training engineering students

Babloo Dewangan
Store Manager

An integral part of our team who has been making 
all types of circuits since he joined our company.
He helps in 

managing our store, taking care of all the logistics, 
inventory and accounts.

Madhusoodan Dewangan
Project Manager

Our experienced technical resource who heads the project team and is responsible for circuit designing and hardware verification. He is also into software development.