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Top Electronics Diploma Projects

Introduction 1) LED Chaser Circuit (CD4017 + 555) Brief: A LED chaser circuit / sequential LED flasher using 555 timer IC, CD4017 IC on a breadboard. Working of the circuit is explained at the end of this video and documents are available at the buy link below. Interested in buying? 2) Smoke Detector Brief: A […]

DIY Powerbank for Robots/Projects

Description : Hello Friends! So finally we got some free time for sharing our work and in this blog, we’ll be making a 12V Power bank which can be used to power robots, electronic circuits and can be easily made using few modules and a battery.  In electronics, whatever you project you make, you’ll be […]

DIY DTMF Home Appliance Controller

    We use many different types of communication in control applications to control home appliances, industrial appliances, and other types of automation. There are two types of communication that is we generally use – one is wired and other one is wireless. In wireless communication we transmits signal wirelessly, like using radio frequency (RF) […]

DIY Wireless Water Level Alarm (RF 434 Mhz)

      Components required : A) RF Circuit (434 Mhz)  : Circuit Video here1) 1 x RF Module Tx + Rx (434 Mhz) (Buy here)2) 1 x HT 12E (Encoder) + HT 12D (Decoder) + Resistors (1M,50K) (Buy here)3) 1 x General Purpose PCB (Buy here)4) 2 x 7805 Based Power Supply Circuit Components (Buy here)5) Led (Buy here)+ Switchs […]

Wireless Remote Controlled Car (RF 434 Mhz) : DIY

This project “Wireless Remote Controlled Car” is an enhancement on the “Wireless Remote Controlled Circuit“. It is very useful to study the features of wireless communication for electronics students or hobbyists.  In our project we are designing an Wireless remote control based on Radio Frequency (RF 434 Mhz). For that we are using a RF […]

Line Following Robot – DIY (Simple)

Line Following Robot ? We all have heard or seen one. Let’s build one in this tutorial. If this is the first time you are building a Line Following Robot or LFR, as it is commonly known, this will be a comprehensive guide.To keep matters simple, we’ll not be using any microcontroller/processor or programming and […]

Wireless Remote Control – DIY (RF 434 Mhz)

Introduction Hello Everyone ! In this post we start exploring the world of Wireless Communication and start with one of the simplest RF modules available for beginners, RF Modules working on 434 Mhz and using Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) modulation. In today’s generation, it is often required to switch electrical appliances from a distance without […]

Remote Controlled Robot – DIY (Wired)

Wired Remote Controlled Robot is the first robot for any robotics enthusiast and in our first DIY (Do it Yourself) tutorial, we will learn to build it.   We are going to assume that you have no prior experience and starting from scratch. We have divided the entire process into  various steps and you can […]

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