BMES Project List & Catalogue 2020

Major Projects – ECE/EEE 2020 – 21

Download Major Project List 2020 with latest ideas here.


Minor Projects – ECE/EEE 2020 – 21

Download Minor Project List 2020 with latest ideas here.


Product Catalogue – 2020

Download the list of all the products which we sell.


Important Software & Drivers

X-CTU Serial Terminal Application

Download X-CTU Serial terminal application here. Used for viewing, sending serial data. 


CH340 USB to TTL Converter

Download the drivers for CH340 USB to TTL converter which is commonly used in USB to TTL modules, Arduino Nano, Uno and Mega with CH340G. 


Cool Term Application

Download Cool Term Serial Terminal Application here. Used for viewing, sending  and logging serial data. 


Useful Apps for Projects

AMR Voice Application

Download AMR Voice Android application here. Used for voice recognition projects which are interfaced with Arduino. 


Bluetooth Spp Pro App

Download Bluetooth SPP Pro App which can be used for Bluetooth based projects or testing hardware with android device. 


Important Arduino Libraries

I2C LCD Library

Download the I2C Library used for driving I2C LCD module display with Arduino. Tested and works fine!