Final Year Engineering Projects

Final Year Engineering projects ( Projects) are a mandatory assignment for every aspiring engineer.
Since most students need push/guidance in the same, we help Final Year Engineering Students to complete their Projects.
We specialize in Electronics Projects, Embedded System Projects,
IoT Projects, Raspberry Pi projects
Helping students and working on Engineering projects in Delhi is exciting as well as our passion.

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Raspberry Pi Projects

We have worked on several Raspberry Pi based Projects which include Security & Surveillance application using Raspberry Pi camera,
Internet of Things (IoT) based projects, applications using sensors, Image processing based applications on Raspberry Pi,
Traffic Management System on Raspberry Pi, Robotics using Raspberry Pi

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We have been building Drones or Quadcopters in Delhi for last 6+ years. We have an experience of building 50+ drones of different types. 
We have worked on drones with camera’s, gps based drones, semi autonomous drones, etc.
We have worked on KK2.1.5, APM2.x, Pixhawk controller board.

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Commercial projects

product demos

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